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Northern Michigan offers many fun things for the whole family, and with the spring thaw comes the opportunity to hike in the countryside and see wildflowers. Nothing is more fun than coming to the area with your family and taking a day trip to one of Michigan's most beautiful parks. Things to do in Boyne City, Michigan: Do some things at the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and Michigan State Park.

Visit the National Shrine of the Forest of the Cross on Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and the museum on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

We hope you will attend this art event where you will find some of the most interesting shopping opportunities in America. The Gallery of the Association of Arts and Culture "Tall Grass" will be open and will host the annual exhibition of the Gallery of Artists. This exhibition is a great opportunity to buy the latest and best in the fields of fine arts, photography, painting and sculpture. As a support to the local community and a magnet for art lovers from across the Midwest, you don't want to miss this curated collection of talented artists. The annual Art in the Park festival is also held on Tallgrass on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Browse the Michigan Art History Collection at the Stafford Gallery of Art History, located at the Stafford Perry Hotel. Browse the Stafford Art Gallery's art collection at or browse the collection at

This section contains art from the Stafford Art Gallery collection on and will take you to the Deer Park High School Museum of Art. In this section you can see a collection of Stein's paintings from his time as a teacher at Hirschpark High School. It contains a selection of art that has significantly influenced the history of DeerPark and its inhabitants, as well as the community as a whole.

Find out why the Old Town Art Fair has been voted the country's No. 1 art fair for the fourth year in a row. Come and see what the Park Forest art fairs voted for and why. conducts an annual survey of the most important art fairs in Michigan and the USA on a variety of topics.

The lake has several unique fish species, and you can catch all the fish in northern Michigan in this lake. Antrim Creek is bordered by Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior, which include the largest freshwater lake in North America and the second largest in the United States.

There are many opportunities to see the deer up close and watch them in their comfortable habitat. When buying a double scoop of waffle cones, visitors can see deer in the wild and see for themselves what they are doing.

There is so much to do in the wildlife park, from hunting to hunting, from hunting to hunting and of course also from hunting deer.

Also, the village of Park Forest awaits a music festival on Saturday, including Kids Art Alley, where you can find well-known musicians, artists and other local artists. The Old Town Art Fair is an annual gathering of nationally recognized artists from across the state, as well as local artisans and artists of all ages and backgrounds. And the Park forest art fair is the oldest continuously organized art fair in the country.

The game park began 70 years ago, when hunting grounds for injured deer and stray deer were common and less regulated. A little shy, the town decided to build a deer farm and a breeder who happened to deliver white nails to a closed hunting farm.

Guests of the Antrim Streamside can enjoy a 250 hectare forest with walking trails, a working farm and the famous Weilowemocaa trout stream, which will delight fly fishermen. Portable toilets are located at the main entrance of the park and in the parking lot. 2018 and Fishing licences for 2019 are available now and valid until Wednesday.

The Wildpark is managed by the Zurich Lake Fire Protection District, which has two fire stations, the Wildpark and the Fire Station. The Lake County Sheriff's Department has called on police protection to make the park a safe place to live, work and live. The county is responsible for the high performance that protects the wildlife park and provides sworn deputies, fire protection and emergency medical services.

If you enjoy this community profile, you will see why people living in Deer Park find this growing community so satisfying for their needs. Small-town life is an extended family, good or bad, and it often becomes an insider's language. I wonder if my young students will one day leaf through the papers of the Homeland Museum and wonder when they will read that the 2016 election in their city has decided who will be President of the United States.

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More About Deer Park